Where to Travel on Vacation in May 2022

Experience the luminous midsummer eves in Russia with plenty of culture to boot

Where to go on vacation in May

As the mercury rises in the Northern Hemisphere, much of Europe becomes an ideal destination - before the crowds of summer. The Mediterranean is pleasantly warm, with the cruising season in Croatia and Turkey starting and much of the Far East is looking beautiful. The further north you go, the more hours of sunlight you can enjoy during the day and St. Petersburg in Russia is a great place to enjoy this, with the White Nights Festival taking place in April. You can make the most of long days in Iceland too. Central Asia is known for its extremely hot summers and bitterly cold winters. May is the perfect time to explore the Caucasus and Central Asian nations, with temperatures more hospitable and perfect for exploring.

There's a number of unique experiences to be had in May, chief among them the bi-annual migration of the Berbers in Morocco. To help you decide where to go in May 2022, we've put together some of the best destinations and experiences to be found at this time of year, as well as our choice of top beach and wildlife destinations the month has to offer.

Top Destinations and Experiences in May

Old City of Jerusalem - Israel Tours - On The Go Tours
Picture-perfect weather

Visiting Israel

May is the ideal time to visit Israel. Temperatures are pleasantly warm, there's little rain and the clear, blue skies are perfect for photographing the country's many religious monuments and buildings. The scenery is beautiful, with spring-time flowers and there's a number of important national and Jewish festivals, making it a good time to delve into Israel's culture and traditions.

Recommended tour: Israel Explorer →

Victoria falls - Africa Overland Safaris - Africa Lodge Safaris - Africa Tours - On The Go Tours
Bird's eye view

Microflight over Victoria Falls

After the wet season the Zambezi River is swollen with water and cascades over the Victoria Falls to create an impressive display of nature's power. With so much water, the spray can often block views from the ground so this is the ideal time to take to the skies for a bird's eye of the Falls, witnessing it in all its glory on a microflight above the river canyon. Temperatures aren't unbearably hot yet either, so it's a good month for safari.

Recommended tour: Wildlife Express →

Santorini - Best places to visit in Greece - On The Go Tours
Beaches and ruins

Explore the Greek Islands

If you prefer to explore ancient ruins and lounge on sun-kissed beaches without a crowd, May is an ideal month to visit Greece. It's when the Mediterranean sun really starts heating up, yet temperatures remain comfortable enough for sightseeing and sun-lounging. Prices are also still a bit cheaper than the high season months of June to August, when holiday makers descend.

Recommended tour: Jewels of Greece and Aegean Islands →

Bi-annual mountain journey

Migration of the Berbers in Morocco

Twice a year the nomadic Berber tribes journey across the Atlas Mountains from the edge of the Sahara in search of greener pastures for their herds of livestock. Travelling with goats, sheep, camels and donkeys as well as all their belongings, the tribes take a scenic route that takes a few weeks, camping en route. It's a unique adventure for intrepid travellers and a great time to visit Morocco.

Recommended tour: Migration of the Berbers →

Best City Breaks in May

View of the waterfront and beaches of Tel Aviv, Israel
Cosmopolitan delights

Tel Aviv

A fantastic combination of city break and beach holiday, Tel Aviv offers the best of both worlds. And May is the time to visit, as the outdoor-loving locals begin to hit the beaches and spill out onto restaurant terraces. Perhaps stroll down the Rothschild Boulevard, explore the historic area of Jaffa or browse the stalls of the Carmel Market. With so much to see and do, you certainly won’t be bored in this cosmopolitan city.

The Basilica Cathedral of Lima on Plaza Mayor Square, Peru
Fun for Foodies


Marking the start of the dry season in Peru, May is a fantastic month for visiting the capital of Lima. This city is the place to go if looking to hit the surf, thanks to its position on the Pacific coast, or to experience the lively Peruvian nightlife. As the unofficial gastronomical capital of South America, it’s also a destination for the foodies, with world-renowned chefs and plenty of traditional cuisine on offer.

View on Roman Theater and city of Amman, Jordan
History and Culture


The capital of Jordan is a great option for a city break in May. Home to a number of historical sites such as the historic Citadel and Roman Amphitheatre, you can happily explore Amman in the warm, springtime temperatures. The city also offers the National Archaeological Museum and a hubbub of souqs, mosques and coffeehouses, providing a fantastic insight into Jordanian life and Middle Eastern culture.

Cancun hotel area and the beach in the daytime
Cheaper prices


Mexico is a year-round destination, however, if you’re looking to visit the city of Cancun and its beaches, then May is an excellent month to visit. Crowds are thin and room rates are low, perfect for if you’re travelling on a budget. And although this month marks the start of the rainy season, showers rarely last more than 30 minutes, leaving you free to enjoy the city’s downtown restaurants, shops and nightlife.

Best Festivals and Events in May

Cinco de Mayo - Mexico - On The Go Tours

Cinco de Mayo

Where? Puebla, Mexico

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the date of the Mexican army’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War in 1862. In the city of Puebla the day is celebrated with re-enactments, traditional dance and music, and plenty of food. Across the border, Cinco de Mayo has become a big event in America and now represents a celebration of all things Mexican.


Migration of the Berbers

Where? Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Twice a year the nomadic Berber tribes journey across the Atlas Mountains from the edge of the Sahara in search of greener pastures for their herds of livestock. Travelling with goats, sheep, camels and donkeys as well as all their belongings, the tribes take a scenic route that takes a few weeks, camping en route. It's a unique adventure for intrepid travellers and a great time to visit Morocco.

Bergen National Theatre - Norway - On The Go Tours

Bergen International Festival

Where? Bergen, Norway

Founded in 1953, Bergen's largest arts festival brings together prominent artists from around the world. Over 200 music, ballet, opera, theatre, dance, literary and performing arts events are held during the two weeks and it's the most important festival of its kind in Norway. Performances are held in a variety of venues including theatres, churches and villas.

Night at the Museums - Russia Tours - On The Go Tours

White Nights Festival

Where? Saint Petersburg, Russia

As spring progresses in the northern hemisphere, countries in the far north begin to experience long days of sunlight with a few hours of eerie twilight at night. There's nowhere better to enjoy this natural phenomenon than in Russia, where the city of St. Petersburg celebrates with all-night openings of its top museums and galleries, accompanied by special exhibitions, street art and performances.

Best Beach Destinations in May

Spring is in full swing across the Mediterranean come May, with the mercury starting to creep up and the tourist season kicking off. The wet season is slowly creeping up on Southeast Asia, which means the weather can be a mixed bag with the odd shower likely wherever you go. There's plenty of coastal areas that will experience near-perfect weather. Cancun and the Caribbean Coast is drawing to the end of the dry season.

Koh Tao Highlight 1


The east coast of peninsula Thailand is an ideal beach destination at this time of year, with high temperatures and little rain expected. Islands such as Koh Samui and Koh Phangan are where you should head for the best weather, or Krabi on the mainland, as the west coast will be experiencing a little more rain.



The Mediterranean is beautiful at this time of year - temperatures have warmed up nicely and resorts have opened their doors for the start of the peak holiday season. With most of the northern hemisphere still at school, many resorts can be a little quieter in May so it'll be more of a laid-back experience.

Taghazoute 2 - beach view from hotel


Morocco may not scream beach destination for many travellers but there's over 1200 miles of coastline from Agadir in the north to charming Essaouira and Taghazoute in the south. Temperatures are reliably warm throughout the day and the peak season crowds have yet to descend.

Zakynthos Shipwreck Beach


It's not quite peak summer season so Greece is still relatively quiet, but the islands are beginning to heat up. The majority of tourism businesses will be opening up and it's a great time to steal a bargain on an island cruise.

Best Wildlife Destinations in May

May is the second month of the main rains across equatorial East Africa, so Kenya and Tanzania are not ideal at this time of year, with the watered vegetation providing cover for the animal residents, making safaris more challenging. However, further south the dry season has begun so game viewing is better. Across the Galapagos it's business as usual, as endemic species court, breed and nest as they do throughout much of the year.


South Africa

It's the beginning of the dry season in South Africa, which makes it the ideal time to search for the Big 5 in Kruger National Park. The vegetation is thinning and wildlife gathers around watering holes. It's not yet too dusty, the skies are generally clear and the crowds have yet to hit.



Like much of southern Africa at this time of year, Botswana begins its dry season and game viewing on land is starting to reach its prime, with ideal temperatures for visitors - clear skies, mild heat and few mosquitoes. However, the floods won't hit the Okavango Delta for another month.



Wildlife viewing is on the rise in Namibia in May, with the safari season really kicking off in June. However, May arguably offers the best weather, with moderate temperatures, little rainfall and still a bit of greenery around. Prices can also be better in the shoulder season.

Tiger in water - About Tigers image


It's the last month of the year that India's national parks are open before the monsoon rains draw in. Temperatures are becoming very hot in the northern regions of India, but the vegetation will be at its thinnest after months of no rain - so prowling tigers will be more visible, perfect for a safari.

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