Jordan Tours and Holidays

Home to ancient relics, traditional villages and the lost city of Petra. Discover the best of Jordan with On The Go Tours.

A land where time stands still, the lost city of Petra attracts travellers from all over the globe. And it's easy to see why; as you stroll through the ancient realms and relics, you'll catch an unforgettable glimpse of the life lived centuries ago.

But on our tours, you'll discover there's much more to Jordan than Petra. From the shores of the Dead Sea to the red desert sands of Wadi Rum, you'll fall in love with a diverse country that's worlds away from home.

With our Jordan holidays, you'll get beyond the famous sights. You'll sleep under the stars in the desert. You'll make new friends around a crackling campfire. And you'll meet the welcoming Bedouin tribes.

Because we win British Travel Awards for a reason; our trips are packed with authentic experiences you'll never forget.

Jordan Group Tours

Signature Range
The Siq | Petra | JordanPassage to Petra - 6 days Map

Passage to Petra

6 days | FROM USD $1,405

Spend two incredible nights in Petra's lost city, camp under the stars...

Signature Range
Treasury | Petra | JordanTotally Jordan - 8 Days Map

Totally Jordan

8 Days | FROM USD $1,785

Travel to the vast red desert landscape with rolling dunes and...

Signature Range
Starry night | Wadi Rum | JordanPerseids Meteor Shower - 8 days Map

Perseids Meteor Shower

8 days | FROM USD $1,985

Witness the incredible Perseids Meteor Shower from our desert camp at...

Signature Range
Dome on the Rock | Jerusalem | IsraelRoad to Jerusalem - 11 days Map

Road to Jerusalem

11 days | FROM USD $3,105

Combine Jordan and Israel on one unforgettable trip. Discover the...

Signature Range
Visit the Monastery in Petra on our Jordan toursTemples, Tombs, Treasury - 14 days Map

Temples, Tombs, Treasury

14 days | FROM USD $2,365

Experience the best of Egypt and Jordan on this 14 day adventure....

Signature Range
The Treasury | Petra | JordanPyramids to Petra - 15 days Map

Pyramids to Petra

15 days | FROM USD $2,695

Take in the highlights of Egypt and Jordan including the legendary...

Signature Range
Treasury | Petra | JordanRoad To Jordan - 16 days Map

Road To Jordan

16 days | FROM USD $2,735

Discover the wonders of Egypt and Jordan on this 16 day adventure....

Signature Range
The Treasury | Petra | Jordan	Pyramids, Petra, Promised Land - 19 Days Map

Pyramids, Petra, Promised Land

19 Days | FROM USD $3,905

Travelling from Cairo to Tel Aviv, take in the highlights of Egypt,...

Signature Range
Wadi Rum | JordanNew Year's in Wadi Rum - 8 Days Map

New Year's in Wadi Rum

8 Days | FROM USD $1,925

NEW YEAR TOUR: Celebrate a festive Bedouin New Year’s Eve in...

Signature Range
The Monastery | Petra | JordanFestive Road to Jordan - 16 days Map

Festive Road to Jordan

16 days | FROM USD $2,925

CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR TOUR: Uncover the wonders of Egypt and...

Handpicked Range
View over Jerusalem's Old City | IsraelHighlights of Israel & Jordan - 11 days Map

Highlights of Israel & Jordan

11 days | FROM USD $3,635

COACH TOUR: Journey through Israel and Jordan on this epic...

Active Range
Trekking in Dana Nature Reserve | JordanDana to Petra Trek - 8 Days Map

Dana to Petra Trek

8 Days | FROM USD $2,255

Trek for six days through Jordan's beautiful and rugged countryside,...

Jordan Private Tours

Tailor-made Range
The Monastery | Petra | JordanPetra & The Dead Sea - 4 Days Map

Petra & The Dead Sea

4 Days | FROM USD $1,255

PRIVATE TOUR: Enjoy a fleeting but memorable holiday to Jordan....

Tailor-made Range
Solo traveller on rocks | JordanTrek Jordan - 7 days Map

Trek Jordan

7 days | FROM USD $1,555

PRIVATE TREKKING TOUR: Trek the famous Jordan trail, through...

Tailor-made Range
Driving in the Wadi Rum Desert | Jordan Self Drive Jordan - 8 days Map

Self Drive Jordan

8 days | FROM USD $1,565

PRIVATE SELF DRIVE TOUR: Grab the wheel and take control of...

Tailor-made Range
Jordanian food | JordanJordan on the Menu - 8 days Map

Jordan on the Menu

8 days | FROM USD $2,715

CULINARY TOUR: Learn how to cook delicious Jordanian cuisine on...

Tailor-made Range
A Byzantine basilica | Amman | JordanLawrences Arabia  - 9 Days Map

Lawrences Arabia

9 Days | FROM USD $2,965

PRIVATE TOUR: Jordan, home to the Rose City of Petra offers so...

Tailor-made Range
Wild oryx | JordanJordan Wildlife &  Nature - 12 days Map

Jordan Wildlife & Nature

12 days | FROM USD $3,705

PRIVATE TOUR WITH WILDLIFE: Discover the rare wildlife,...

Tailor-made Range
Abu Simbel | Egypt | On The Go ToursCairo to Amman - 15 days Map

Cairo to Amman

15 days | FROM USD $5,355

PREMIUM PRIVATE TOUR: Discovering some of the world's best...

Our Jordan tours including camel trekking in the Wadi Rum desert

Tailor-made Holidays

Maybe you're a history fiend longing to see the ancient realms of Petra. Or you might be an adventurous soul who can't wait to get the hiking boots out. Whatever makes you tick, we can design a Tailor-made holiday to Jordan - just for you. With your budget and time frame in mind, we'll plan a trip that works around you.

Click here to build your trip!

Jordan Day Tours and Excursions

Our authentic Jordan day trips will last longer than you think. With unforgettable experiences to choose from, our day tours and trips will leave you with memories that last for years to come.

Whether you want to visit the Dead Sea or explore the bustling capital of Amman, our trips will add that extra layer of adventure to your holiday.

Jordan tour reviews

Scoring an average traveller rating of 4.89 out of 5 based on 56 recent reviews — See All Jordan Reviews

Excellent Tour from start to finish!

Very easy to book and all information supplied included. ”  

Linda Evans • Submitted 27 Apr 2020

Incredible Jordan discovery!

The New Year in Petra tour was a wonderful discovery of the extraordinary Ancient and Biblical history of this region. Our guide was exceptional in the way he delivered his extensive knowledge. Highly recommended! ”  

Peter Traverna • Submitted 20 Apr 2020

Hassle free, informative guide, great pace to the itinerary. ”  

Andrew Seddon • Submitted 20 Mar 2020

Frequently asked questions about our Jordan holidays

Will I see Petra and how much time will I spend at the site?

The incredible Nabataean city of Petra is the country's top attraction and so it's included on all of our Jordan trips. A full day is spent exploring the temples, theatres and colonnaded streets of the ancient city, with entry via the siq to arrive at the extraordinary Treasury facade. The next morning there is free time to return to Petra via al-Madras, with visits to the High Place of Sacrifice and Wadi Farasa. As two nights are spent at Petra, there is plenty of free time for you to opt for the Petra by Night experience or our Petra Kitchen bolt-on.

What is your desert camp like in Wadi Rum and will I need a sleeping bag?

We also include a night in Wadi Rum on every one of our Signature tours in Jordan. The night is spent in a permanent desert camp with individual tents for two people. Inside the tents are comfortable camp beds and warm bedding, so you don't need to bring a sleeping bag but you may wish to bring your own liner. Showers and toilets are in an outhouse close by with hot running water. There's a communal area with rugs and cushions where food is eaten in the evening. The camp's position at the foot of an easily-climbed rocky hill makes it the perfect spot to watch the sun set.

How much walking is required on your Jordan tours?

Petra is a sprawling site and over the course of the day spent here, you'll be walking for a good six hours and cover approximately 14 km. The climb up to the Monastery alone involves 854 strenuous steps, however, this is an optional visit and donkeys are available if you require assistance. On tours departing between April and October you'll embark on a moderate–paced two hour trek along the Siq Trail at Wadi Mujib. Depending on the water level this can be quite a challenging adventure as climbing is required in sections. If you prefer to give this a miss, you can head straight to the Dead Sea after viewing Wadi Mujib from the entrance of the siq.

What should I wear whilst visiting Jordan?

Jordan is more liberal than many countries in the Middle East yet it is still a conservative country. It's a good idea to dress respectfully and with modesty in mind throughout your Jordan holiday. This means opting for shorts or skirts that touch the knee, high necklines and keeping shoulders covered. Loose-fitting, opaque clothing is the best option, not only to avoid causing offence but also to be more comfortable in the high summer heats. Choose cotton over synthetic materials and pack a wide-brim hat to keep your face shaded from the intense sun. For footwear, take a good pair of walking shoes for the day of guided sightseeing in Petra.

How big are your tour groups and what is the age of your travellers?

Our average group size in Jordan is around 14 passengers and you'll be travelling with an eclectic mix of English-speaking people from all over the world. Our Christmas, New Year and Perseids Meteor Shower departures attract a larger group size due to the nature of these events. You'll find a wide range of ages on tour from those in their 20s to those in their 60s or even 70s. On average the age is around the mid-40s.

What is the standard of hotels on your trips?

You'll be staying in comfortable, modern 4-star hotels in Jordan. We've chosen well-located properties that offer all the amenities you need. In Petra and the Dead Sea the hotels have a swimming pool where you can cool off after a day in the heat. At Wadi Rum we use a deluxe permanent desert camp with proper bathroom facilities.

What sort of transport do you use in Jordan?

Depending on the group size you'll be travelling in air-conditioned coaches with toilets on board or in smaller mini-vans. At the entrance to the Wadi Rum protected area you'll board well-used 4x4 vehicles to navigate the rolling orange sands. Four passengers get in each vehicle plus a local driver. It's the quickest and easiest way to get to our desert camp.

When is the best time to visit Jordan for general sightseeing?

The months of March and April or September and October are the best time to visit Jordan as this is when temperatures are milder and more comfortable for sightseeing. In April some of the less arid landscapes in Jordan will be in bloom with colourful wildflowers, which makes the country even more photogenic. The months between May and August are very hot and the temperatures can be overbearing for many people but if you want to witness the celestial display of the Perseids Meteor Shower then August is when you should time your visit.
Awaken your adventurous side in Jordan

Our group tours to Jordan are bursting with unique experiences. With our seasoned local guides leading the pack, you can give in to your adventurous spirit. From trekking across vast desert lands to floating in the Dead Sea, you'll return home with stories that last a lifetime.

And with our Signature tours, you'll have the best of both worlds. After busy days packed full of adventure, you can rest in the comfort of 4-5 star hotels. It's just one of the reasons we win the British Travel Awards.

Highlights of our Jordan tours

A diverse country packed with iconic cities, sprawling deserts and ancient realms, Jordan is a must for any traveller who loves history and adventure.

Iconic Petra

The Siq | Petra | Jordan

An essential part of any trip to Jordan, you'll explore the ancient tombs and temples preserved in the lost city of Petra. Find a tour.

Sleep under the stars

Camel trekking | Wadi Rum | Jordan

Explore the vast red sands of Wadi Rum and spend the night sleeping under the stars in our desert camp. Find a tour.

Float in the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea | Jordan

Float in the famously salty waters of the Dead Sea and soothe your skin with its mineral-rich mud. Find a tour.

Roman ruins and relics

City view | Amman | Jordan

Discover the ancient Roman city of Jerash and roam around the ruins of the Amman Citadel, preserved for over 2,000 years. Find a tour.